Pre 4s Series

v3.0 ---(7/28/2011)

-Now Minecraft 1.3 compatible, featuring Pocket Edition 0.3.2 compatibility.

-Added new textures:

>Book w/ quill sprite

>Cocoa bean plant

>Emerald block

>Emerald ore

>Emerald sprite

>Jungle leaves

>Jungle log

>Jungle tree sprite



-Improved various textures:


>Cocoa beans sprite


>Crafting bench surface

>Diamond block

>Leather armor model and sprites



>Smooth and Chiseled Sandstone

>Sugar cane


>Wheat growth textures

-Retextured player item panels.

-Sand-oriented textures no longer give pink color tones in the dark.

-Tweaked oak and pine log textures.

-Changed fast graphics-based side grass color to properly match with the side grass in large flatland mode.

-Biome color will no longer have the possibility to change to black.

-Fixed CTM.

-Removed visually-based checklist.

v2.6 ---(4/14/2012)

-Textured a whole bunch of stuff: (call it done! :D)

>Redstone lamps. (actually fits the crafting recipe!)

>Mossy stone bricks.

>Cracked stone bricks.

>Sandstone-oriented blocks.

-Improved grass and foliage color.

-Recolored sand texture. (works together nicely with the grass and water. ;) )

-Improved glowstone texture and glowstone dust sprite.

-Edited cobblestone textures to feel much smoother.

-Tweaked gold ingot sprite. (not a big deal until I get around to the other gold-oriented textures)

~Acknowledged a controversy between those who favor flat-long planks vs. plank-by-plank wooden planks. I can't decide which one to make it official, so take it to the polls on my forum! If your favored plank loses against the majority, then head over to the customizer (aka Plethora)! However, I still need to update it... where to start... I have no idea. Consider it the main priority then, besides cobblestone. ;P

v2.5.2 ---(4/3/2012)

-Revamped wooden plank textures:

>New texture structure (improved the "feel" and tiling of wood) similar to the old style.

>Color coordinated wooden planks accordingly, as Default originally portrayed. (dark and red planks have swapped into their appropriate texture category)

>Applied new wooden plank textures to their subsidiaries: crafting bench, CTM (bookshelves specifically), and backs of paintings.

>Discovered that jungle wood is similar to that of Durian trees, both in log and plank color. Not like Kapok as some might say, even if they are both emergent trees in the rainforest.

-Redstone dust trails no longer look flat; they got depth!

~I also acknowledge that cobblestone, glowstone lanterns, and sandstone are the main priority in development. That, and Plethora needs to be updated as well.

v2.5.1 ---(3/26/2012)

-Updated CTM.

-Improved wooden planks to feel more like wood.

-Fixed black grass.

-Fixed wooden plank depictions, whereas pine wood plank was mixed with jungle wood plank.

v2.5 ---(3/24/2012)

-Added new wooden planks textures!

~Considering developing new sandstone textures for following update...

v2.4.2 ---(3/01/2012)

-Now 1.2 compatible. (texture for Bottle of Enchanting was misplaced.)

v2.4.1 ---(3/01/2012)

-Assuming full 1.2 compatibility.

v2.4 ---(2/29/2011)

-Added higher resolution paintings. (does not require an HD patcher)

-Refined Minecraft logo and new menu buttons.

-Added a visually-based checklist.

-Edited moon phase textures.

-Added unknown_pack.png

v.2.3.2 ---(2/03/2012)

-New language button. (My apologies for not including it in the previous quick update)

-Refined gui.png (menu buttons, language button, and player item panels).

-Added pre-released 1.2 textures, as of 12W04A, but no new content other than stated above. :(

v2.3.1 ---(1/23/2012)

-Now MC 1.1 compatible, but no new content. :(

-New pack.png

-New panorama.

Note: Less Skyrim, more updates.

v2.3 ---(12/25/2011)

-Now MC 1.0.0 compatible.

-Removed Herobrine for a festive background. (panorama test)

-New sun and moon textures, including moon phases!

-Added boss health bar, improved numerous icons.

-Updated Plethora content.

-New bowl and mushroom soup sprites.

-New snowball sprite.

-New melon block texture (temporary, needs refinement) and melon slice sprite.

-Improved item cursor (or whatever its actually called).

-Improved bookshelf block texture.

-Improved iron bars texture.

-Fixed mob textures regarding the newer texture format.

-Fixed iron door texture and door sprites.

v2.2.2 ---(10/14/2011)

-Added 1.9 pre-release 4 content:

>No content textured. =(

-Fixed over-saturation of Lapis block texture.

v2.2.1 ---(10/12/2011)

-Added enchanter particles. (I completely forgot!)

-New Lapis block texture! (Its so gorgeous!)

-Enhanced menu buttons.

-Introduced Version Number [T-427] to the title of this pack to indicate Plethora updates, which states for the number of textures capable for customization, rather than taking up space from the title with claims like "over 400+ textures!"

>This will probably increase my download-to-view ratio, which, except for this week, has surpassed nearly all packs with an average ratio of 4 downloads every 7 views.

v2.2 ---(10/08/2011)

-Finally launched Plethora: The Coterie Craft Customizer

>Includes a total of 257 textures for 5 or so blocks and their subsidiaries.

-Updated CTM.

-Added 1.9 pre-release 3 content:

>Temporarily textured enchanter.

>Temporarily textured cauldron block and sprite.

-Added new door textures and sprites.

-Added new trap door texture.

-Reincluded solid gold/iron processed blocks.

-Textured side grass.

>Added gravel pieces back.

v2.1.1 ---(10/04/2011)

-Replaced iron and gold blocks with their ingot/brick-styled alternates.

-Edited door sprite.

v2.1 ---(10/03/2011)

-Special guest appearance for the month of October. (unless otherwise)

>Affiliates with the panorama and Minecraft logo.

-New menu buttons and player item panels.

-New glass!

-New vignette!

-Retextured chests within terrain.png

-Added remaining 1.9 content:

>Textured netherbrick, cauldron, and music discs.

-More Plethora content:

>Added armor models and sprites. (should've been included in the previous update)

v2.0 ---(9/23/2011)

-Launched Plethora: The Coterie Craft Customizer!

>Features 247 textures (diamond, gold, iron, wood plank, and glowstone).

*Currently facing a few bugs/issues when uploading certain content. Will be fixed eventually!*

-Now Beta 1.9 compatible (mostly untextured, for now).

>Textured MOOshrooms!

>Textured gold nugget sprite.

>Temporarily textured mycelium blocks.

-Added new epic Minecraft logo!

-Added new gold, iron, and diamond block textures.

-Refined gold ingot sprite.

-Refined diamond sprite.

-New gold ore texture!

-Pigs have snouts!

-Textured vines (they still need some work).

-Textured iron bars.

-Removed gravel pieces from side grass textures.

-Edited snow side grass texture.

-Fixed shield icon (half shield icon followed an incorrect format).

-Fixed ice texture (accidental lack of transparency, 99% opaque).

-Removed Mojang logo.

-Fixed the vignette.

-Enhanced chest textures.

-Pigs now have snouts.

-Lightened pine leaves.

-Refined color of dirt.

-Edited snow side grass texture.

-Edited breaking animation, ever so slightly.

-Edited wolf's collar.

v1.9 ---(9/10/2011)

-Added pre-released Beta 1.8 content (still in development).

-Added 88 alternative glowstone textures in the [Alternative content] folder.

-New leaf texture for fast mode.

-Redone glowstone.

-Edited sugar cane texture.

-New redstone trail textures.

-New stone slab block textures.

-Edited crash_logo.png

-New redstone repeater sprite.

-New mushroom sprites.

v1.8 ---(8/28/2011)

-Finally fixed stone texture!

-New glowstone!

-New sugar cane!

-New redstone torch textures.

-Lightened dirt.

-Edited obsidian texture.

-Added new pumpkin blur vignette.


-Delayed approved mods (as mentioned on MC Forums thread).

-Added more Aether Support.


>32 blocks,

>3 GUIs,

>53 item sprites,

>19 mob textures,

>2 'other' textures, (...proud of the new aether cape!)

>and cure vignette.

v1.7 ---(8/04/2011)

-Textured Tall Grass.

-Replaced lava animations with a new still lava texture. (for the better)

-New thumbnail designs! (pack.png)

-Added armor icons to inventory GUI.

-Replaced and improved the 32bit sign texture with a 16bit texture.

-Added new gold and iron ingot sprites.

-Added new and improved vignette.png

-Edited pig mob texture.

-Edited obsidian texture with a slight purple hue.

-Increased the length of the chest menu title to fit the words: " Treasure Chest" for the Aether Mod.


-Added Wildgrass Mod Support.

-Added CTM support. (Connected Textures Mod)

-Added Aether Support:


>25 blocks,

>2 GUIs, (planning to make entirely new GUIs one day)

>35 item sprites,

>5 mob textures,

>1 'other' texture,

>and textured cure vignette.

v1.6 (fix) ---(7/01/2011)

*Fixed water animations*

Apparently, you might have been using the darker blue water that was made especially for the Fall season that is currently in development.

v1.6 ---(6/30/2011)

-Added Spawner GUI support.

-Textured pistons and shears.

-Removed Wildgrass Support until the author updates.

-Textured rain.

-Fixed potentially mispixelated armor models.

-Fixed Spider.

-Textured certain mobs:


>cow (still in progress)

-Edited furnace/dispenser top texture.

-Improved active furnace texture.

-Edited pine and pine sapling textures.

-Edited trapdoor texture.

-Edited web texture.

-Fixed and edited bed textures.

-Edited diamond texture.

-'Perfected' Pumpkin texture.

*Joined Planet Minecraft*