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Updated to 1.15

Good for Slow PCs

Also runs great.

Latest Download 16x!

All Downloads 16x!


Updated to 1.13

Provides a fresh experience to those that want more than just new default.

Accommodates retro styled textures to a whole new level

Latest Download Vintage!

All Downloads Vintage!


Updated to 1.13

Good for those who want more detail in their game.

Guaranteed to spice up your Minecraft World.

Latest Download 32x!

All Downloads 32x!

Addons / Alternative Textures

A series of different textures and addons for Coterie Craft.

Seasons Addon 16x

A WIP modification to bring 12 Quandary-esque seasons to Coterie Craft

Floréal Download!

Plethora Archives

Provides various alternative textures along with older versions of textures.

Coming Soon!
Res Addon
16x Coterie_Mod_Addon_V1s.05 Download!
16x Coterie_Craft_PvP_Version (by Eastah) Download!
16x Beta 1.7.3 Download Download!
32x Valkyrie RPG Revival Prototype Download!
16x Old Minecraft Sounds Download!
16x Alternative Mobs Download!
16x Alternative Cobblestone Download!
16x 1EnderMiner11's Alternative Gravel Download!
16x Alternative Glass Download!
16x Alternative Sand Download!
16x Alternative Stone Slabs, Granite, Andesite, and Diorite Download!
16x Coterie Craft Logo Download!
16x Japanese Minecraft Logo Download!
16x Junkboy's Paintings Download!
16x Valkyrie RPG Armor Models Download!

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For over 10 years Coterie Craft has used ExtraNoise's Quandary Texture Pack as a base. Since then Coterie Craft was given full rights to the author's work.

Coterie Craft has evolved into a unique package of its own with the help of our former team members to future updates and an HD release.