The 4s Series


Cpt. Corn:

-Updated certain GUI

-Edited powered rails


Cpt. Corn:

-Removed some of the old default sounds


Cpt. Corn:

-Added old default sounds


Cpt. Corn:

-Added resource_packs.png


Cpt. Corn:

-Edited different squid types for random mobs


Cpt. Corn:

-Added new textures:

>Added Golden Chickens to random mods

>Added different squid types to random mobs

>Added Hopper Minecart sprite

Version 4s.33 --(11/18/2013)

-Added Iron, Gold, and Diamond Random blocks

-Edited Aether Inventory GUI



-Added new textures

>Raw Salmon

>Cooked Salmon


-Added new textures

>Hopper Minecart sprite

>Aether mod inventory GUI

-Edited textures

>Command Block Minecart sprite

-Fixed Aether mod comptibility



- Added new textures

>Acacia log

>Acacia plank

>Acacia sapling

>Azure Bluet

>Blue Orchid

>Colored Glass

>Dark Oak log

>Dark Oak plank

>Dark Oak sapling

>Double Tall Grass

>Large Fern


>Packed Ice


>Red Sand

>Rose Bush



- Edited Textures

>Comand Block Minecart sprite

Karst: (Welcome the new member of the Coterie team!)

-Added new textures:

>Allium (edited by Ganlolde)

>Daisy (edited by Ganlolde)

>Peony (edited by Ganlolde)

>Sunflower (edited by Ganlolde)

-Added Random Blocks Support:

>Five new cake variants

-Fixed Aether Mod compatibility


Cpt. Corn:

-Added new textures:

>Coal block

>Flower pot

-Changed the following textures:

>Brewing stand

>Diamond and Iron tools

>Fixed position of Ender pearl and Ender eye

-Added new sprites:

>Magma cream

>Name tag




-Added new textures:

>White horse

>Black horse

>Brown horse

>Dark brown horse (Not entirely content with this one yet)

>Gray horse

>Chestnut horse

>Cream horse

Other edits:

>White spotted horse marking

>Black speckled horse marking

>White paint horse marking

>White socks horse marking



-Fixed CTM on Optifine (Thanks Oldshoes!)

-Added coal block texture

Version 4s.25 ---(7/25/13)

Cpt. Corn:

-Added new textures:




v4s.24 ---(4/21/13)

Cpt. Corn:

-Reverted cobblestone and stone brick textures back to normal.

v4s.23 ---(7/15/13)

Cpt. Corn:

-Added new textures:

>All mushroom blocks!

>Cobblestone and mossy cobblestone. (The old brick-like cobble, that many of you are used to, will take the place of stone bricks.)

>Diamond horse armor.

>Wither Skeleton mob.

>Top/Bottom-surface of all wooden log types.

>and the Anvil.

-Other edits:

-Improved hardened and stained clay textures.

-Improved wood, stone, and golden tool textures.

-Fixed still water animation "delay."

-Edited light detector block.

-Jungle planks now have a better color.

-Removed Wither mob texture.

-Pack format change(s):

>Moved CTM and Random Mobs (mods) to their proper folder.

v4s.21 ---(6/23/13)

Cpt. Corn:

-Replaced mirror download with a Snapshot 13w25c compatible version of Coterie Craft. Since this download is compatible to MC 1.6's soon expected release, the download has been labeled as v4s.22. If there is no new snapshot version available, then a mirror download will be in its place.

-Removed Pocket Edition support from this pack, so that an updated version can be uploaded as a separate pack on PMC for the users' convenience.

-Revamped diamond armor models and sprites!

-Added new cake texture! (That old portal cake was getting pretty old...)

-Changed the color of diamond armor sprites to match the diamond block more accurately.

v4s.20 ---(6/19/13)

First update in a while by Cpt. Corn:

-Fixed format of texture pack:

>Deleted unnecessary folders and files

>Moved sun and moon to environment folders

>Changed grasscolor and foliagecolor.pngs

>Fixed spider and cow textures

-Revamped armor models and sprites!:

>Iron armor

>Golden armor

(Diamond armor is still in progress)

-Added 10 new sprites:

>Flower pot


>Ghast tear

>Raw chicken

>Cooked chicken

>Minecart with TNT

>Empty map

>Music Disc - "Wait"

>Ender Pearl

>Ender eye

-Remade the following textures:


>Golden carrot

>Carrot on a stick

>Several dye sprites...

>Nether quartz (item)



-Other edits:

>Repair GUI

>Sugar cane item

>Netherbrick item (slightly brighter than before)

>Diode and comparator items

>Quartz block

v4s.13 ---(4/10/13)

-Fifth update by Ganlolde:

-Added support for Random Mobs:

>Added three additional chicken skins.

>Added four additional cow skins.

>Added four additional pig skins.

>Added one additional spider skins.

>Added two additional wolf skins.

-Fixed CTM (For real this time :P)

v4s.12 ---(4/3/13)

-Fourth update by Ganlolde:

-Optimized/fixed water animations

v4s.11 ---(3/17/13)

-Third update by Ganlolde:

(Note: If your version seems to be missing some of these fixes, try re-downloading. If problems persist, be sure to let me know!)

-Fixed eight things: (Thank you guys for finding these problems!)

>Clock is working.

>Compass is working.

>Potato is correct texture.

>Baked potato is correct texture.

>Firework texture added back in.

>Firework star texture added back in.

>Firework star overlay texture added back in.

>Enchanted book texture added back in.

-Added one new texture:

>Comparator icon

v4s.10 ---(3/16/13)

-Second update by Ganlolde:

-1.5 compatible!

-Added thirteen new textures:

>Nether brick

>Quartz block

>Chiseled quartz block

>Lined quartz block


>Vertical dropper

>Vertical dispenser

>Activator rail


>Daylight sensor

>Trapped chest

>Nether quartz

>Nether quartz ore

-Edited redstone block.

-Fixed missing water, lava, and fire textures.

-Coterie Craft water and lava is now visible without use of MCPatcher or Optifine.

v4s.09 ---(2/23/13)

-First update by Ganlolde: (Cpt.Corn here, and as you can see, Ganlolde has earned administrative rights now, so think of it as having two admins. :P Don't forget to send him feedback!)

-Optimized leather (cloth) armor to be dyed. (This includes the removal of the overlays on the pants, boots, and helmets for leather armor. They are an eyesore in my opinion, but my opinion does not count. So I need your feedback on this!)

-Removed red collar from the tamed wolf texture. (This means that the remnants of a red collar are no longer visible if after dying a dogs collar.)

-Added four new textures:


>Firework star

>Firework star overlay

>Enchanted book

>(These are textures that were default, which I made a texture for. Whether they stay in that pack or not is dependent on all of you! If you hate them, yell at me; if you like them let me know; if they need a change inform me!)

v4s.08 ---(1/15/2013)

-Already Snapshot 13W02B compatible.

-Currently experimenting with new fire, lava, and water animations (can only be seen in the recent snapshot versions). (I doubt the new water will ever replace the Coterie water, but everything else seems legit to me. Place in your critiques if you want to keep these new additions.)

-Replaced the new cobble with the old, iconic cobble textures.

(The cobblestone block file is actually named "stonebrick.png," thus making the old stone bricks canon!)

-Replaced emerald block texture with the familiar iron/gold/diamond texture structure.

-Added temporary redstone block texture.

-Added enchantment GUI buttons, deriving from Coterie Craft RPG.

-Edited achievement GUI.

-Fixed a texture misplacement that involves portal animations.

*Removed "Plethora" folder in order to save data usage for upload (cannot exceed over 10MB)

*Moved Pocket Edition content out of its designated folder, along with instructions for installation.

v4s.07 ---(1/11/2013)

-Now Snapshot 13W02A compatible, and confirmed compatible based on its new format.

-Added six new GUI menus:





>Repair (Anvil)


(Thus, all GUIs have been textured, but they are not entirely complete. Certain aspects such as the 18x18 sprites and black menu interface have yet to be textured.)

v4s.06 ---(1/10/2013)

-Added three new GUI menus:


>Trap (Dispenser)


-Tweaked survival inventory GUI menu, found in Creative Inventory.


Could use some more screenshots to showcase, send links in the comments. ;P )

v4s.05 ---(1/9/2013)

-Now Snapshot 13W01B compatible, with default placeholders.

-Added two new GUI menus:

>Creative inventory (composed of 4 GUI files!)


-Improved two other GUI menus:



-Added missing particles file.

-Added missing icons.

v4s.04 ---(1/8/2014)

-Added two new GUI menus:



-Slightly desaturated colored wool block textures.

(Could anyone give me some new images to showcase? We all know how out-of-date they currently are.)

v4s.03 ---(1/7/2013)

-Officially Pocket Edition 0.5.0 compatible, but block gui needs updated.

-Lightened cobblestone textures for easier contrast between stone brick textures.

v4s.02 ---(1/6/2013)

-Mistaken previous MC compatibility with 1.4.5, now fixed for 1.4.6.

-Improved cobblestone textures.

(Does the mossy cobble need more moss?)

v4s.01 ---(1/4/2013)

-Officially Minecraft 1.4.6 compatible, but Pocket Edition has not been updated yet.

-Added new cobblestone and mossy cobblestone textures!

(Criticism vs the old cobblestone would be appreciated, as they are fundamental textures within the game.)

-Added new painting.

(Also, who made the default wither painting? I don't think it was Kristoffer Zetterstrand.)

-Removed Ganlolde's GUIs.

v4s.00 ---(12/31/2012)

"Today, this new year marks COTERIE CRAFT's 2 year-long history.

It has been 5 months without an update, wherever I have left off is where I will now begin.

( Version 4s.00 - Saving all progress )


Lost changelog: (Perceived as INACCURATE, but goal-setting.)

v4.0 ---(??/??/20??)

-Now Minecraft 1.4.2 compatible, featuring Pocket Edition 0.3.3 compatibility.

-Revamped wool and colored-wool textures.

-Added new beacon block and command block textures.

-Edited pumpkin and watermelon blocks.

-Added new emerald block texture:

>Edited emerald-oriented textures.

-Desaturated jungle wood planks

-Lightened pine wood planks.

-Edited redstone torches.

Ganlolde's contributions:


- Custom repair GUI

- Custom enchanting GUI

- Custom beacon GUI

- Custom growth stages for carrot and potato

- Fixed missing wither effect icon