Updates: (as of Quandary Reborn)

v1.9 ---(2/27/2011)

-Added a new vignette.png

-Fixed sandstone. (for nature's sake)

-Cobblestone and Moss Stone textures were redone. (but they are still brick-like... so this is temporary)

v1.8 ---(2/22/2011)

-Now Beta 1.3 compliant.

-Wool textures have more sharpness.

>Black wool is not so black, but still black...

-Redone the sandstone under-side texture.

-Redone birch texture.

v1.7 ---(2/21/2011)

-Re-textured spitting lava particle.

-Re-textured sandstone.

-Re-textured diamond.

-"Removed" vignette.png


Redone sugar,bone, and bone meal sprites.

-Redone nettharrack.

-Gave 9 more hue to diamond-oriented tool sprites and diamond sprite

-Redone wool textures.

-Re-textured birch.

v1.6 ---(2/13/2011)

-Added WildGrass support

-Added edited painterly water with animations.

-Added personally designed lava with animations: (192 frames for both animations!)

>custom_lava_flowing animations based from Painterly's custom_water_flowing

v1.5 ---(2/07/2011)

-Redone (possibly perfected) wooden planks texture, along with crafting bench.

-Fixed lava

-Redone string.

v1.4 ---(2/06/2011)

-Added bonemouse's ghast.

-Gave light gray dye sprite a bolder outline.

-Edited diamond sword. (just a couple pixels)

-Redone netherack texture.

-Redone lapis lazuli block and ore texture.

-Re-textured the remaining 6 dye sprites:

>Ink sac

>Rose red

>Dandelion yellow

>Cocoa beans

>Cactus green

>Lapis lazuli

v1.3 ---(2/03/2011)

-Re-textured 9 dye sprites.

v1.2 ---(2/01/2011)

-Added Portal cake.

-Added bone, bone meal, and sugar sprites.

-Replaced Mojang Specifications logo title with Master7432's title. (which is epic!)

v1.1 ---(1/30/2011)

-Redone glowstone texture. Same with the glowstone dust sprite. (Australium anyone?)

-Redone ice texture.

-Fixed quandary water.

-Added water.png

-Redone wooden planks texture.

v1.0 ---(1/27/2011)

-Added special download for Mac users. (no more gray grass and leaves!)

-Wood texture improved.

-Added better textures, courtesy of Master7432:

>inventory.png was improved

>items.png includes a hotter lava bucket. (but not too hot!)

>added vignette.png (darkness never looked better)

>added new moon and sun.