Version 1.5 ...and the distant past...

v1.5 ---(5/26/2011)

-Updated to Beta 1.6.4!

-Textured certain mobs:



>Steve (char.png)


-Textured rain.png.

-Edited lapis lazuli ore texture.

-Edited jukebox texture.

-Edited minecart with chest sprite.

-Edited torch, lever, and redstone, both active and inactive, torch textures.

-Edited sapling.

-Edited flower textures.

-Edited flint-oriented sprites.

-Edited slot.png



-Edited painting sprite.

-Edited pine and pine sapling texture.

v1.4 ---(5/15/2011)

-Added complete wildgrass support.

-Edited mclogo.png.

-Enhanced all gui menus and bg.png

-Added textured chainmail sprites and armor models.

-Textured toolbar slots.

-Edited Jack-o-lantern texture.

-Edited Top Furnace/Dispenser texture.

-Textured stone with a consequential edit to all the ores.

-Redone all dye-oriented sprites, excluding the ink sac.

-Lighter obsidian. (not by much)

-Textured cookie.

-Textured fishing hook particle.

-Textured sugar sprite.

-Edited raw and cooked fish sprites.

-Textured clock sprite.

-Edited diamond block texture.

-Textured the moon.

-Edited bed texture and sprite.

-Edited side grass texture.

-Edited cake sprite.

-Retextured lapis lazuli ore.

-Edited power/detector rail textures.

-Added edited default web texture.

-Edited pine sapling sprite.

-Edited dispenser front texture.

v1.3_01 ---(4/20/2011)

-Now compatible with the new HD patcher.

>Installation instructions concerning the custom water and lava were removed as a result of the new HD patcher's simplicity. The [Add-ons] folder was also removed in consequence.

v1.3 ---(4/19/2011)

-Added Beta 1.5 terrain and achievement textures.

-Removed unnecessary Side Grass Fix from the [Add-ons] folder.

-Provided instructions for custom water and lava installation.

>I also moved those files to the [Add-ons] folder, just so you know.

-Edited slime and string sprites.

-Textured smoke particles.

-Textured water splash particles.

v1.2 ---(4/10/2011)

-Textured certain mobs:

>slime (and slimeball sprite)



-Added new mclogo.png!

-Edited ghast mob.

-Edited creeper mob.

-Slight edit to pig mob.

-Added new pack.png.

-Edited cursor texture.

-Edited jukebox texture.

-Textured wooden and iron door sprites.

-Edited sign.png.

-Textured wooden sign sprite.

-Textured painting sprite.

-Textured bottom of cactus texture.

-Textured railroad tracks.

-Added a second alternate sandstone texture.

-Added newly textured door.png. (I have no idea what it does though)

-Added a tad of sharpness to the wooden planks texture as well as all textures associated with it.

-Textured sponge.

-Textured glass.

v1.1_04 ---(4/1/2011)

-Added update Beta 1.4 particles with custom heart particle.

-Added Risugami's Beta 1.4 compatible ModLoader and Side Grass Fix.

-Added art folder, which includes my wooden planks texture.

-Fixed personal upload errors with the previous 1.1 versions.

-Redone light gray dye sprite.

v1.1_03 ---(3/31/2011)

-Removed the [Add-ons] folder because Risugami's Grass Fix no longer works, until updated.

v1.1_02 ---(3/31/2011)

-Added content from the Beta 1.4 update.

v1.1_01 ---(3/22/2011)

-Corrected a concerning issue with v1.1:

>Terrain.png Grass fix for both downloads were still at compatibility of v4 of the Side Grass Fix, not v5, as it should have been.

v1.1 ---(3/20/2011)

-Textured certain mobs:




-Re-textured side grass for v5 of the grass fix, which has been added.

-Black, gray, blue and brown wool textures has more noise.

-Added the brick-style sandstone as an alternate texture inside the terrain.png.

-Added Rabittt's edited wooden planks texture, along with the crafting bench.

>I also added a very minor edit to the wooden planks texture as well as the crafting bench's 3x3 grid.

-Textured redstone repeater.

-Edited break animation.

-Re-textured glowstone dust sprite.

-Re-textured lapis lazuli block, ore and sprite textures.

-Textured stick, fishing rod, arrow sprite.

-Textured arrow model.

-Added bonemouse's squid mob in the [Alternatives] folder.

-Added TyrannoFan's pack.png. (edited for v1.1 side grass)

-Edited Mojang opening screen.

-Textured the torch, lever, and ladder textures.

-Textured wood-oriented tools.

v1.0 Initial Release ---(3/7/2011)

-Added the side grass fix. (thanks Risugami!)

>with re-textured snow side grass.

-Lowered the intensity of the vignette.png

-Remade the sun.

-Re-textured the nine standardize dye sprites.

Gave shading to the non-stardardized dye sprites, except the ink sac.

-Perfected grass texture.

-New Mojang title screen. (courtesy of Master7432, I edited it a bit also)

-Top of crafting bench now has more noise.

-Textured sugar cane.

-Edited pumpkin texture.

-Removed bonemouse's squid.(bringing back the iconic squid)

-Edited bonemouse's ghast.(added red eyes and mouth.)

-Wool textures have more noise.

-Edited cloud.png.