Updates: (as of BoQP)

v3.1_01 ---(1/25/2011)

-Added foliagecolor.png and grasscolor.png with the misc folder. So I'm hoping no one will have gray grass or gray leaves again!

v3.1 ---(1/25/2011)

-Wooden planks texture is smooth, polished and refined. Equipped with the same color scheme.

-Wooden planks-oriented textures (crafting bench and sign) have the same effect. The signs are so much easier to read!

-Ice was a bit more opaque than I knew. Generally the same, but just a bit more transparent.

-Sapling texture was redone.

v3.0 ---(1/22/2011)

-Re-textured obsidian.

-Re-textured pumpkins.

-Revealed the creeper's true color.

-Added bonemouse's squid.

-Fancy thumbnail!

-Personal inventory character background was redone.

-Signs were edited, but not so much.

v2.9 ---(1/18/2011)

-Removed misc folder... didn't do a thing with it before.

-Replaced sandstone texture with the previous one.

-"Mojang Specifications" logo is fancier.

-Edited torches... again.

-Added better textures, courtesy of bonemouse:


>mossy cobblestone

>mob spawner

>biome-compliant pine leaves


v2.8 ---(1/17/2011)

-Edited torches again. (as suggested daveking)

-Made side grass three pixels longer. (If you prefer the shorter grass, then I will put it in a separate download for that.)

-Sandstone now has a noticeable grid. (I imagine someone is going to make a pyramid with sandstone.)

-Centered the diamond sprite. (thanks daveking)

v2.7 ---(1/17/2011)

-Chest and crafting bench gui menus are easier to see. (as suggested by Axapez)

-Signs are easier to read (as suggested by Axapez)

-Chests and crafting bench have been re-textured

-Edited minecart with chest sprite to match with what is now.

-Flowers blend with surroundings

-Improved ice (supposedly). (as suggested by Luffy_299)

-Edited torches. (as suggested by Kidblast)

-Edited side grass just a bit

-Removed clouds.png and snow.png. (I don't know why they were there... they were the same as default)

v2.6 ---(1/15/2011)

-Resurrected and remade the quandary-style grass.

-Music Notes were added. (thanks Flippeh)

-Remade dirt is accompanied with my quandary-style plowed texture.

-Added dispenser gui from painterly pack

-Lapis Lazuli ore and block have been re-textured, again.

-Birch wood is much better.

v2.5 ---(1/15/2011)

-Sandstone was changed for all the better.

-Wooden Ladder lacked symmetry, don't know how, but its fixed now.

-Lapis Lazuli ore and block are personally quandarized. (thank you Tyndall for the enlightenment)

-Cloth-oriented textures were also quandarized. (This may be temporary)

-Flame particle effects were enhanced.

v2.4 ---(1/13/2011)

-Sandstone texture was edited to blend with the sand texture. (for now)

-Edited Furnace and Dispenser top/surface.

v2.3 ---(1/13/2011)

-Added new textures and sprites from the Minecraft Beta 1.2 update

-Lapis Lazuli (ore) is quandary style.

-Pine wood texture is quandary-ish.

v2.2 ---(1/12/2011)

-Main menu is enhanced with edited bedrock background and sleek buttons.

-Wooden planks texture is smoother and less spotty.

-Bubble and flame particle effects were edited to match the quandary style.

v2.1_01 ---(1/9/2011)

-A couple dark pixels were eliminated from the sand texture. So the sand texture is at perfection at last.

v2.1 ---(1/8/2011)

-All helmet models have a much smoother look than before (excluding the leather cap model).

-Leather tunic has smoother shoulder pads.

-Menu background is enabled.

v2.0_01 ---(1/7/2011)

-Discovered a pixel out of place on the side of the iron chest-plate model.

v2.0 ---(1/4/2011)

-Edited a couple pixels of the surface grass...

-Added custom-made and personally designed quandary-style armor models!

v1.2_01 ---(1/2/2011)

-Sand is whiter, and overall, a better texture.

v1.1 ---(1/1/2011)

-Side grass and snow side grass now have shadows in their texture.

This is what I changed from the Quandary Pack at first: (as of BoQP)

v1.0 ---(12/26/2010)

-Surface grass is quandary style and now biome compatible.

-Side grass is of a shorter cut but kept its quandary look by the grass alone, but as for the dirt texture... its default, but it looks more moist than before. (Blends in well when planting crops)

-Plowed land looks more moist as well. On account I gave it a darker midtone as the dirt did.

-Snow Side grass is edited, matches with side grass.

-Ice is more opaque (less-transparent) so it can be more realistic.

-Obsidian is easier to see. It has a lighter midtone.

-Diamond oriented block textures and item sprites have 12 more hue than before, giving it a slight blue tone that I just love.

-Crafting bench is a darker wood color. Along with the small and large chests.

-Sapling texture/sprite is from the Painterly Pack, but the bark was edited into a darker wood color to match the trees as well.

-Red flower is edited from the Quandary Pack. Plant is a darker green.

-Yellow flower is edited from the Painterly Pack. Plant is greener, in a way.

-Fishingrod sprite has a black hook, rather than an orange one. So it could match with the hook that is doing the in-game fishing.

-Minecart with chest is edited because of the darker wood colors mentioned before.

-Bedrock is easier to see.

-Sand is more, well... sand. It has a slight orange tone to match with both deserts and shorelines.

-Added gui menus from Painterly Pack.

-Quandary mobs were replaced with default mobs, for you can't beat the classics.