The 32x Update and Return to PMC

Version V1.11_r4 - 2/19/17

Cpt. Corn:

-Added Vex texture

Version V1.11_r3 - 2/18/17

Cpt. Corn:

-Added Missing Map Icons

Version V1.11_r2 - 2/18/17

Cpt. Corn:

-Added Illager textures

-Added Observer block textures

-Added White Glazed Terracotta texture

-Added Concrete Block textures

Version V1.10_r9 - 2/5/17

Cpt. Corn:

-Changed Mushrooms

-Changed Mobs

Version V1.10_r8 - 2/4/17

Cpt. Corn:

-Reverted Pig Mob

-Reverted Cow

-Reverted Squid

-Reverted Spider

-Changed Steve Skin

-Changed Beacon

-Changed Nether Star

-Reverted Storage Block Changes

Version V1.10_r7 - 2/2/17

Cpt. Corn:

-Reverted Changes in Wooden Planks

-Changed Tall Grass

Version V1.10_r6 - 1/19/17

Cpt. Corn:


-Changed Stone Slabs

-Changed Stone

-Changed Flowers

-Changed Tall Grass

-Changed Wooden Planks

-Changed Iron Block

-Changed Gold Block

-Changed Diamond Block

-Changed Emerald Block

-Changed Nether Wart Sprites

-Changed Sticky Piston

-Changed Dispenser Block

-Changed Furnace

-Changed Dropper

-Changed Piston

-Changed Repeater

-Changed Comparator

-Changed Sponge

-Changed Diorite Blocks

-Changed Granite Blocks

-Changed Andesite Blocks

-Changed Rose Bush

-Changed Dark Prismarine

-Changed Snow

-Changed Sea Lantern

-Addded Command Blocks from Broterie Craft

-Added Item Frame from Broterie Craft


-Changed End Crystal Sprite

-Added Iron Nugget

Version V1.10_r2 - 9/8/16

Cpt. Corn:

-Changed Acacia Log texture

-Changed Spruce Log texture

Version V1.10_r1 - 9/5/16 - The 32x Update!

Cpt. Corn:


-Added a 32x version

-Added missing 1.10, 1.9, and 1.8 textures

-Changed various sprites and blocks

-Changed various textures in the entity folder


-Changed Smoke particle

-Added textures for missing Particles


-Added textures for status effects

-Changed Brewing Stand GUI

-Changed Horse Inventory GUI

-Added Missing Icons

-Added Stream Indicator texture


-Added Alex texture

-Added Banner texture

-Added Beacon and End Gateway Beam textures

-Added Bear texture

-Added Boat textures

-Added Cat textures

-Added Creeper armor texture

-Added Ender Crystal texture

-Added Ender Chest texture

-Added Ender Dragon texture

-Added Elytra texture

-Added Endermite texture

-Added Guardian and Elder Guardian textures

-Added Guardian beam texture

-Added Horse Armor textures

-Added Sheep texture

-Added Shulker texture

-Added Silverfish texture

-Added Snowman texture

-Added Shield textures

-Added Witch texture

-Added Wither textures

-Added Villager and Zombie villager textures

-Added Zombie Pigmen texture

-Changed Bat texture

-Changed Creeper texture

-Changed Cow textures

-Changed Experience orb texture

-Changed Explosion texture

-Changed Horse textures

-Changed Spider texture

-Changed Ghast texture

-Changed Pig texture

-Changed Squid texture

-Changed Skeleton texture

-Changed Steve texture

-Changed Spider and Spider eyes textures

-Changed Sign texture

-Changed Wolf texture


-Added Big Oak and Acacia Leaves textures

-Added Bone Block textures

-Added Beetroot crop textures

-Added Bookshelf Top and Bottom textures

-Added Bed textures

-Addded Chrous Flower textures

-Added End Rod texture

-Added End Stone texture

-Added Iron Trapdoor texture

-Added Magma block texture

-Added Structure Block textures

-Changed Beacon texture

-Changed Brewing Stand texture

-Changed Cactus textures

-Changed Command Block textures

-Changed Enchantment Table texture

-Changed Endstone

-Changed Myceliym textures

-Changed Mushroom textures

-Changed Prismarine textures

-Changed Path grass texture

-Changed Quartz ore

-Changed Slime block texture


-Addded 1.9/1.10 Boat sprites

-Added Structure Void and Barrier sprites

-Added Beetroot sprite

-Added Beetroot Soup sprite

-Added Rabbit Soup sprite

-Added Beetroot Seed sprite

-Added Brewing Stand sprite

-Added Chrous Fruit sprites

-Added Elytra sprites

-Added End Crystal sprite

-Added Empty Shield Slot sprite

-Added Horse Armor textures

-Added Mutton sprites

-Added Nether Star sprite

-Added Rabbit Foot sprite

-Added Rotten Flesh sprite

-Added Lead sprite

-Added Spider Eye sprites

-Added Spawn Egg sprites

-Changed Blazerod sprite

-Changed Beef sprites

-Changed Cauldron sprite

-Changed Egg sprite

-Changed Ender eye sprite

-Changed Enchanted and written book sprites

-Changed Clock sprite

-Changed Ink Sac sprite

-Changed feather sprite

-Changed Emerald sprite

-Changed Gold Nugget sprite

-Changed All Fish sprites

-Changed Fireball.png sprite

-Changed Firework sprite

-Changed Fireworks Charge sprites

-Changed Melon sprites

-Changed Potion sprites

-Changed Painting sprite

-Changed Potato sprite

-Changed Seed sprites

-Changed Slime Ball sprite