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What is Coterie Craft?

The Coterie Craft resource pack for Minecraft and gaming is designed to act as either as a subtle replacement to the original Minecraft textures or as a major overhaul depending on which resource pack of Coterie you are using. The original Coterie Craft and 32x resource packs aim to use the original textures Notch created as a base and add slightly more fidelity to the terrain, improving the visibility of world blocks.

In other words, two players playing on the same server will be able to experience the same "feel" even when one is using the Coterie Craft texture pack and the other is using the default textures. Vintage on the other hand aims to emulate known RPG texture packs such as the popular and beloved Dokucraft.

Coterie Craft (Official 2019 Trailer)

A trailer made by a fellow fan. This video helps showcase each of the different Coterie packs available.

How to Contact the Author

I think the biggest thanks you could give me is recommending Coterie Craft to your friends or on online communities. I love seeing screenshots and videos, so take some of those from time-to-time as well. If there's a link back to this page, I'll probably find your work and give it whatever props I can.


Check out this video and the one above to check out how good this pack is. Can it replace default? It is up for you to decide.

Like the background image! Check out this great map by Oldshoes known as Broville. This user spent hard work and dedication to provide this great map.

An old classic funny video series by Kuledud3 using my texture pack. His contribution to the Minecraft Community left a greater impact than one might imagine.