Making Bee Textures and the DIO Skin

Earlier ago this week, I decided to try out making some new mob textures for Coterie Craft as I feel that some of the current mobs are a little bland like the Enderman (which has already been redone) or the cow in the 16x pack. One of the mobs for the 32x pack which haven’t been made yet is the bee. Scaling the texture and redesigning it had worked out very well. I also went and added in some shading when designing these mobs and I really like the result.

Bee Skins:

Now these are some of the bee textures that I have made after making the one for the 32x pack.

In the future there might be mob packs (packs that change every mob with a certain theme in mind) to have players spice up their game, but I can’t guarantee that due to being known for delaying things. Plethora which was an ambitious effort to capitalize on Painterly’s success in the past is a good example of what I am talking about or the seasons addon which would create vibrant and colorful seasons without the need for optifine or third party addons to make Minecraft have seasons that was planned since the texture pack’s inception, but never really implemented. Both ideas aren’t really dropped, but I just don’t have the time to expand on them since I am currently developing the pack for bedrock which is getting closer to the release date as well as making the 128x pack while being in the two final semesters of college very soon.

Since I’ve mentioned the seasons addon which was an addon that had 12 different packs in a similar vain to Quandary, but more original with the seasons being more drastic in terms of changes to the atmosphere to the game. There would be 3 months of each season with the final month being the season of decay which would take place in fall. Each month is named after the french calendar. Now the bees above were not made with the seasonal packs in mind, but it could work. Theoretically, some of the recent bee mobs that I made above would potentially be in these season packs. The hellfire bee would likely be the bee for the three fall seasons and transform into the Bee of Decay in month 12 which then creates the blue bee seen in month 1 or 2 which then grows into the regular bee in month 4 and then the enchanted bee in month 5 in May. There would be a total of 12 different bee textures.

While this all sounds interesting. It should be noted that some ideas just can’t get done because everyone has life stuff to deal with and that is fine. There has been current plans for a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Skin Pack that is being developed alongside other skin packs for Bedrock. So far, my DIO skin seems to be fairly well received which means that I will make more even if the free skin pack is not guaranteed.

You can check out my DIO skin on Planet Minecraft.

Skin Download:

Coterie Craft 128x Preview Upcoming

Along with bedrock support, I have been thinking about updating Coterie Craft to 128x resolution for many months now. Many people often use packs designed for ray tracing in which Coterie is a subpar pack for. When the preview pack which will contain work for all MC alpha textures, however most of this is on hold to make sure that both Coterie 16x and Coterie 32x are updated and on bedrock before college starts again on late August. This pack will then be up-scaled again to 4096x.

The beginning to something much bigger.

Right now this is just the start, but much more is coming to bedrock. I have textured cameras and I am going to start texturing some more.

As for my thoughts on each texture and how they look in game, I am surely say that this pack will be more enjoyable than the 32x pack. Each block contains fine detail and interesting composition.

First off, I have the grass texture which while lacking in detail makes up for itself in its rich smoothness. In coterie 16x, grass does not really look like grass instead it has more of a carpet feel. In the 128x pack, this texture is mainly the same in terms of feel, but has for the texture itself it is different. The feel on this texture gives a soft green smoothness that reflects the style of default and Coterie Craft very well.

The next texture is the stone and in my opinion, this is the best texture in the pack so far. The stone is soft and smooth feel that is also rough enough to tell people that it is stone is some type of climbable rock. It is gray and that color works well for the texture pack.

Next up there is the dirt. The dirt is a little too cartoonish and was the first texture made for this pack and will likely be reworked to be more smooth and more brown to fit better with the other blocks. It feels like it is trying to emulate Sphax but not very well. It is one of the weaker ones.

Then there is the oak plank texture. I really like this one even if it feels a little blurred. It is cartoonish like the dirt except this texture actually enhances the game in a way that has never been seen before. The color for this texture is even better. It is a nice soft light yellow that goes well with the cobblestone.

The cobblestone is one of the better and more original textures on here. It takes the 32x’s cobblestone and makes it more detailed. You can see that pack’s direction on this block and the direction of this pack is one that is going to bring Coterie Craft to new heights.

Then there is bedrock. It is a little darker than its 16x and 32x counterparts and also more grainy. It lacks the hard feel that the stone has, but it gets the job done. This block is all around average in my opinion and could be improved.

The sand texture is great on concept, but in game it is a little rocky and feels too much like sandstone. It will definitely be edited to be more smooth. The color is what is to be excepted more those familiar with the 16x and 32x versions of Coterie Craft.

Then there is the gravel texture, I have not tested it in-game, but it is shaping up to be really good. This one was a little hard to make as it was based on coterie craft’s 16x texture, but in the end I pulled it off. This is my favorite texture along with the stone so far. This is truly a texture that reflects the dark gravel look in the original 16x pack.

Then there is the oak tree texture which takes the 32x texture that is well regarded and brings it up to 128x. The original 32x texture was already a pain to make, due to how well shaded the original texture and this was almost of time consuming. So far I think it shaped out to be okay. It is a great texture that truly brings life to the bark to the player while at the same time being really good for those who want to build a log cabin. This texture along is not as good as the 32x version, but still really great.

Looking for a job took some time out of the pack along. I hope the stimulus check will be enough to stay in my house for another month. On the bright side, after this preview more work will be done to make sure that both Coterie 16x and 32x are updated to 1.16.

Bedrock Development and Side Projects

While I have gotten back to making textures for the game in the form of bedrock development, I have began working on another pet project on the side. I plan on making a set of novels known as Narration Wars starting with the first book in a set of 25 novels but there will actually only be 5 novels each being around 140 pages long. Each novel is numbered after the Greek alphabet despite the books taking more inspiration from Nordic and Nordic culture than Greek. Coterie Craft is currently at the forefront of the projects I want to get done along with its 128x/Hyper HD variant that I want to bring to life in some point in the future. There will also be some skin packs built around the novel that I plan on writing, one of which being the Cyber Vikings, who are a set of characters that are significant to the world of this story. I plan on bringing Coterie Craft on bedrock during June or July along with all its variants.

Currently Narration Wars is only an idea with no real content made. The story is in the development cycle. The world of Narration Wars is an interesting one. Narration Wars takes place in a sci-fi dream matrix like world. The best comparison to Narration Wars is the video game, Psychonauts, except the difference between Psychonauts and this story is that in Narration Wars, people do not realize that they living inside their mind. In each world in Narration Wars various people are given the power of being a divine being known as a Narrator to shape the events of that world regardless of the character knowing that they are a narrator. These narrators are in a dream like state being used as batteries to some mega corporation who has hidden certain truths away from the public.

Some characters are creations of the narrators. This story is one that attempts to blend the metaphysical with the reality of the unknown in ways that mess with the reader’s mind. When the reader is first introduced to the world, he is not going to understand that the very world that the reader is getting into. There are three main characters in this story. The first main character is a MacGyver type character who is really smart and uses his knowledge to create inventive ways to get out of situations that he faces. The second main character is the lens of the author who lives in a observatory on some island. The third main character is a man who works for a corporation that deals with finding artifacts of the past which are weapons created in this strange dream like world.

Each artifact is significant in how it shapes the world surrounding them. The book’s main recurring antagonist who is not the main antagonist but a significant villain wants to learn more about the world as well as use the artifacts to eventually recreate an event that disrupted the dream like realm known as the Azure Storm. The Azure Storm is the name of the first book as it sets up the story and its conflicts in the later books which deal with various themes that deal with narratives and how are characters react to them. I will not spoil too much since it would destroy the narrative that I have set for it.

Good Lasagna Meal!

Lasagna is one of my favorite meals that I eat while taking a break from designing Coterie Craft. It is cheesy and tastes good. Lasagna is great. Lasagna is what I eat for dinner. It’s cheese can be produced in a variety of flavors, textures and forms that all make the meal feel more organic by design. Its juicy milk protein flavor puts the meal in its place on the dinner table. Lasagna is made with sauce, has protein, tastes great, and is a great meal for any family.

You can’t resist the taste of good lasagna. It can be cooked or pre-made. I prefer to get some meat and sauce from Wal-Mart at a cheap price. The juicy red-blood that pours its raw stringy, savory, flavored taste into your mouth where your taste buds feel a juicy feel that is juicy to the max. The flavors in your mouth feel the cheese as you take a bite onto the lasagna where the cheese meets the juicy tender meat that tastes an excellent gourmet taste that only the most professionals of those who know the taste can feel its juices pouring onto the mouth.

The semi-solid juicy tender sauce with its flavour and delicious moisture pours into the mouth and you begin to feel what a good recipe feels to you. Its has if your mouth is having a heavenly journey in the appetizing, scrumptious tastes of the sauce and cheeses that fill your mouth with yummy and succulent flavors that fill your mouth with joy.

Nothing screams good lasagna like the juicy Beretta feel in San Francisco. This brand is proven to be an industry phenomenon. Italian comfort food that comes from hard working labor intensive local farmers proves to be a winner among the dish. This restaurant can surprise people with its great tasting pizzas and cocktails, but the real winner in this dinner is the dish that is known as the Lasagne alla Bolognes, which is an excellently made dish of lasagna that can put the savory onto the consumer.

Grab some veggies, tomatoes and tomato paste, and some fine wine and you got yourself a real lasagna recipe. I prefer to add some hot sauce to give it some fiery taste. Parmesan and mozzarella add to the meal with its crumbly and soft texture giving it a strong creamy feel. The cheese mixture tends to go really well with the noodles.

Lasagna is just one of the meals that I like to eat on my spare time when doing textures for Coterie Craft. Taking breaks in the form of short periods of time are often spent doing mundane things and having a good tasting lasagna meal is one of the many things that can make or break a person during their spare time. Inside the game, however, you might get hit real hard with some bullets if not careful. Thankfully, I am one of those gamers who tend to take objectives more seriously and take breaks when I feel like it.